The MMA Book of Spells 2

The Magical, Magnificent & Amazing Book of Spells

A FREE E-book full of real-life magic spells to help create a healthy and happy life.

Including Magic Tips, Mantras, Actions, and Zappers to be aware of. From Love Magic to Gratitude, Self Care and even Dance Magic! Suitable from 8 to 108 years!

Magic is all around us, all the time.

It’s in the stars and the planets we gaze upon when darkness falls. It’s in the sunshine and rain blending together to dazzle us with rainbows. It’s in the trees, animals, birdsong and yes…magic is also inside of us!

Some of the Spells

(there are over 30):

  • Gratitude
    Grateful thoughts, feelings and words make our magic powers grow


  • Love Magic
    One of the main ingredients of magic is LOVE!


  • Doing your best
    When you do your best, your magic powers grow


  •  Courage
    When you are brave the Source of universal magic rewards you


  • Magical wishes
    Writing your wishes helps manifest them into reality


  • Dance and exercise
    You can go straight to the Magic Zone by simply dancing and doing exercises!


  • Magic Speak
    Create a happy world around you with your words


  • Forgiveness spell
    Forgiving allows more magic to flow through you


  • Caring Magic
    Caring for others is a magical way to live


  • Laughter spell
    Magical chemicals are released every time you laugh


  • Choosing Magic
    There is Magical guidance stored in your tummy!


In this magic spell-book you will learn exercises to enhance your magical abilities, and you will also discover the zappers which can zap your magic powers. They come in the guise of zapping words, gossip, toxic poisons and thoughts. The great news is that once you have uncovered a zapper, you can zap them right back!

Have fun!

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