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The Magic Mat and its little secret…has reached children in the poorer, township communities, at a hospital treating children with TB, a school for children with disabilities as well as various individual homes nationally.

The Magic Mat and its little secret… donated 30 brand new ‘Magical’ activity mats and books with dvds to the non- profit organization Earthchild Project in February 2015. “The children absolutely loved their new mats! They counted the stars, wanted to smell the mat and all wanted to take them home. One child shared that when she stood on the mat she wanted to fly away!”

Two teachers at Molenbeek School, a school for children with intellectual disabilities, have witnessed magical results after teaching the techniques offered by the book. “I am using the book with learners with intellectual disabilities and having wonderful results. Linda has also shared with me how she has seen a change in behaviour of the ADD kids. During their class TV time, they have requested to watch movies that are non- violent. A big shift. Yoga is the way….”

“The Magic Mat and its little secret…” is super awesome! One of my yoga boys has become so self-confident by having been able to do yoga at home with his Magic Mat and DVD… He’s so proud, can’t wait for class to show us all his moves… He’s generally very shy. Warms my heart. Thank you Magic Mat!”
Marjolein Tickner

Time Out Yoga

Jeanne Van der Merwe, a Yoga teacher for children donated mats and a book to the Brooklyn Chest Hospital for the kids recovering from TB and voluntarily teaches the handful of children every week. “Thank you The Magic Mat and its little secret we’re getting so strong!! We can now hold our poses firmly for a five count breath!”
Jeanne Van der Merwe

Teacher , Eco School (South Africa)

‘I find my son likes doing the CD more with his own mat. In the past we only had the book and DVD, and even though he really enjoyed it, now he REALLY LOVES it! He keeps saying to me ‘I have an idea! Let’s do YOGA! Yeeeeahhh!’ It’s so cute!!

Chloe Shlosberg

London (United Kingdom)

It definitely works – the children become more focused and imaginative after using The Magic Mat.

Grade R Teacher , The Crags Primary School (South Africa)

The books are absolute jewels! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me.  Your books truly speak to children. I am looking forward to lots of laughter and special experiences with my children and your books.

I want to thank you for your beautiful book , The Magic Mat and its little secret. I bought your book this morning at the Grahamstown festival from The wisdom to nourish stall. Your gentleness and sensitivity speaks to my soul through your book and I am very excited to share it with my son Seb. We are going to have many hours of fun with The Magic Mat. Thank You! I feel that there is such a need to share the light of life and love with Children…… Thanks again for sharing what is inside of you with all of us. I feel so very blessed to have picked up your book today. Love and Light
Ina Lottering (South Africa)


Hélène Serfontein is a registered physiotherapist in South Africa. She has two children, ages four and six. Her six year old developed vision problems at age four. The developmental impact of compromised vision prompted her to start researching various aspects relating to vision and early childhood development. Hélène shares some of her discoveries in the hopes that other parents may benefit.

“Child rearing is the most challenging job of all. As parents we need an impressive box of tools to raise balanced, happy children with the skills needed in modern day schools and life.”

We are blessed to have The Magic Mat featured on her special website Sand and Glitter. Thank you Hélène! Click on the logo below to be redirected to Hélène’s site to read the review:

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